Mission and Values Statement

CHD Street Therapy’s mission is to show you how things work and how you can make them work better. It is to heighten your awareness for creating a body of systems that are self-sufficient, specialized, organized, and synchronized. CHD Street Therapy’s methodology targets the perfection of the inner self that is necessary for helping you, your employees, and your clients achieve perfect health, happiness, prosperity, and organizational effectiveness. CHD Street Therapy solves the enigma, not by trying to fix that which is already perfect, it is by teaching you how to value your true nature. 

The Enigma

It baffles me to think that we can take something so perfect as the human body, screw it up, and then applaud the medical and pharmaceutical establishments as they struggle diligently to find a cure for that which is already a self-sufficient system that’s specialized, organized and synchronized.

We marvel at all that goes on around us, but very seldom think about the delicate and intricate miracles that are occurring within our bodies on a daily basis working to keep us functioning at our highest human potential. 

What a pity that we don’t pay more homage to our inner city. We can solve this “Enigma” and regain our rightful paths in life, but we must be willing to remove the cultural chains (street influence) from our brains so that we may transcend the limitations of social and societal mind design.

CHD Street Therapy and the Future 

CHD Street Therapy is the future and the sure way to effectively build healthy relationships while at the same time eradicating disorder throughout the human body and throughout the industrial organization. Street Therapy is not used to treat the results of poor behaviors; it empowers you to enjoy core behaviors that prevent you from having to be treated in the first place. This is the gap that science and technology refuse to address; they are simply laying the groundwork for more of the same in the name of power, control and profit.

Doctors in the future will give no medication. They will interest their patients in the care of the human frame through the power of play, foods for life and, most importantly, the power of God! Past patterns of social and societal conditioning (Street Influence) have long embraced the idea that life is a sickness and everybody gets sick. However, nothing could be further from the truth. There is absolutely positively nothing wrong with human beings - it's the Streets. 

Through CHD Street Therapy, you will learn how to run your body like a business (and your business like your body). Instead of fighting disease, you will learn how to fight those things that are causing disease, allowing you to enjoy an incredible level of spiritual well-being and prosperity before minor issues turn into unmanageable problems requiring external intervention such as medical treatment, drug therapy, corrective surgery, mental health counseling, and employment disciplinary measures.

"Oliver, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for a rich presentation and training session at our Professional Development Conference. You did an excellent job presenting and making information personal for our teachers and administrators. 

It was obvious that you are motivated and passionate about the topic ‘Rediscovering Passion in your Work, Rest and Play.’ As you are aware, our teachers and administrators are burned out and stressed to a level that they have never been before. 

You were able to bring forward in their minds, the key elements necessary for personal and professional empowerment. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and understanding the needs of educators as a culture within itself.”

Dr. Jeannie Steeg, Executive Director Administrators Association-
San Diego City Schools

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Frightening and Enlightening Quote

"People get sick and it's the doctors' job to get them well." - Dr. Nancy Snyderman, Chief Medical Editor for NBC News.

This assertion implies that there is something wrong with human beings and that we all need to be fixed by some form of corrective intervention. 

This assertion also implies that doctors are not doing their jobs very well since people are still experiencing illness and increasing at an alarming rate. 

Doctors are perceived as health care professionals when they are actually medical professionals. That's why they are called "Medical Doctors."

When they start teaching people how to be healthy is when they should be referred to as health care professionals!