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The Fun-ology of Poem-ology
PLAY Things
The Performance Appraisal Indicator $20.00
Overcoming Addiction Without A Twelve Step Conviction $10.00
The Power of God $10.00
The Power of Play $10.0 
Foods for Life $10.00
Nature $10.00
Overcoming Addiction Without a Twelve Step Conviction explores human potential and the intellectual power that we human beings all possess. In my research, I have found that it is no mystery that we have potential beyond our wildest dreams. Human beings are spiritual entities with the capacity to learn, grow and prosper all the days of our lives. If you can breathe you can achieve and succeed. Unfortunately, many of us are stuck in a belief system that insults our true nature. However, we are pure potentiality.  

When you read this book, you too will discover the anchors that are keeping you from reaching your full potential. These anchors are the negative thoughts (Street Influence) you have learn to embrace about your spiritual self through the hypnosis of social and societal conditioning. These are the "real" additions of which many people are not aware. 

Learn how you can significantly improve your life, lose weight, develop healthy relationships and acquire exciting careers by first discovering the pitfalls (the negative aspects of Street Influence) that tend to hold you back. 

Poem Type
Foods for Life Book Poem
Power of Play Book Poem 
All Poems are Electronic pdf Editions
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Sounds of Success $10.00
The Enigma $10.00
The Power of God Page 2
Global Peace $10.00
The Official CHD T-Shirt encompasses the entire game plan of life. The CHD model on the “T” is the game piece and is ideally situated over the heart because the heart is where our differences vacate and our spirits rejuvenate. God made us whole and as a projection of His perfection, to connect with other spiritual beings in love and affection through a spiritual connection. The CHD model sets the standards and we set the example by playing this game in God’s name.

“Street” and “Therapy” are the two major players that perform in the entire equation of life and represent the extent to which our personal, professional and spiritual values are aligned or misaligned with our true nature – spirituality – housed within the CHD model – a.k.a. God. 

When we wear the CHD “T” we are exemplifying the ultimate expression of human performance – PLAY. The CHD T represents play at its best, and there is no force greater than the power of God when we are at PLAY.  

The Performance Appraisal Indicator (PAI) - Your Blueprint for Personal, Professional and Spiritual Empowerment "PLAY" Book is a 31-page performance measure (scale) and guide for determining the extent to which our personal and professional value systems are aligned or misaligned with our true nature - spirituality - housed within the CHD model. It is also an incredible tool to use for advancing the evolution of human potential in every aspect of our lives.

The PAI's scale is spiritually integrated within the CHD model and when put into play, it unfolds into an infinite number of opportunities and possibilities for empowering anyone or any organization to achieve his, her or its vision with precision, all through the Power of Play.
The Chicken or the Egg $10.00
The Chicken or the Egg Pg 2
An Incredible Life $10.00
An Incredible Life $10.00
An Incredible Life $10.00
An Incredible Life $10.00